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Equipment needed for Speed Skating

Equipment for Open House or Introduction to Speed Skating

  • Comfortable but snug clothes with full length sleeves and legs, such as a sweat suit with a T-shirt underneath. Bare skin should not show (except the face). Baggy pants are not suitable. Parkas or other winter outerwear are not necessary on the ice.
  • Helmet. A hockey or snowboard helmet or something similar CSA approved, with a solid protective outer shell is fine to start, but bicycle helmets are NOT acceptable (too many openings in the shell). If you don't have one meeting this characteristic, we can loan you one for the occasion. Note that helmets certified to ASTM F 1849 for speed skating are recommended for regular practice.
  • Gloves or mitts are OK for the open house. For regular sessions, lightweight leather or a cut-resistant synthetic material (Kevlar or Dyneema) is best.
  • Neck guard (hockey bib style) if you have one. If not, ensure that the neck is covered with a high collar (e.g. a turtleneck).For regular skating sessions, a proper neck guard is required. NO BARE SKIN AT THE NECK.
  • Knee pads (soft is best, but hard shell ones are fine too) if you have them. Highly recommended (to protect your knees lest you fall forward). Required for regular skating sessions.
  • Shin guards (soccer style) are worn during normal practice sessions, and are recommended but not required during the Open House.
  • Eye protection (clear plastic or colored/darkened glasses or visor, shatter-resistant) is required for protection from ice chips and skate blades. A rear strap is also required to keep glasses in place.

See the Speed Skating Canada Short Track Recommendations for required equipment for competitions. Neck guards and cut-resistant ankle protection or socks are required at practices.


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