ICE TIME 2014-2015

The Club has a total of Six (6) hours of ice time per week this season,
at the Mount Joy arena, same as in 2013-2014:

Tuesday evenings 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Friday evenings 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

First session will be on Tuesday September 9, 2014
and the last will be on Friday March 27 2015.

The younger and novice skaters have the first hour (starting at 7/6:30pm)
the intermediate skaters have the middle hour (starting at 8/7:30 pm)
the faster experienced skaters have the last hour (starting at 9/8:30 pm<

There will be NO skating on the nights of
September 19, 30, November 28 and December 23, 26


The Club will host an OSSA Central Region race meet on Saturday November 29 2014 at the Angus Glen Community Centre in Markham. This will be the sixth consecutive year that we will have hosted such an event

Summer dryland training started in early May and will continue to the end of August.

See our summer dryland page for details.


Registration for returning members for the 2014-2015 season will be accepted during the last 2 weeks of August,
when we have our summer intro lessons, Tuesday and Thursday 19, 21, 26 or 28 at the Mount Joy arena
at which returning members can complete paperwork, make payments, select
skates, and catch up on news and friends.
Please do these tasks before our first skating night: it will be too busy to do this
work when we are trying to get everyone on the ice on the first skating night.
Preprinted forms will be available for returning members.

If you cannot attend during these times, please come during the Open House.

OPEN HOUSE, Fall 2014

We will hold our annual OPEN HOUSE in the early afternoon on
Sunday September 07 2014 for anyone who is curious about the
sport of Short Track Speed Skating and would like to try it out.

We have ice from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 to let you try speed skating for free,
so invite your friends to take advantage of this opportunity.
See our Newcomers web page for more information. Try to arrive early for skate fitting if possible.

Previous members: please come during the afternoon to assist.
You can skate yourself too, but only if you help.


It was a good season! Lots of members, lots of racers, lots of good results, lots of medals, lots of fun!


The Club hosted the 2nd. Central Regional race meet santioned by the Ontario Speed Skating Association on Saturday December 1 2012 at the Angus Glen Community Centre in Markham. It was a very successful event thanks to all the hard work by
many volunteers and for the generosity of many parents and sponsors.

Our record number of 34 skaters did well, winning a record number of eight medals
and many, many PBs. Congratulations! Click to see all the results.

Click to see photographs taken by Parry Chow.


September 21 2012 marked the tenth anniversary of the Club receiving its first Ontario Trillium Foundation grant. It enabled the Club to purchase new skates and mats,
to undertake a publicity program to increase awareness, and to host training camps.
In the subsequent years, membership grew, ice time increased, and the number of
racers and their performance increased to the point that the Club now hosts race
meets and is above the median size of clubs in Ontario. The grant was instrumental
in starting that process.

Ontario Trillium Foundation grant cheque
presentation ceremony, 21 September 2002.
(l to r):
Jack Hennigar, skater; Ian Hennigar, Executive
Director of OSSA; David Tsubouchi, Markham MPP;
Fitz Matheson, OTF; George McKelvey, Markham
Councillor; Roger Buxton, Club President.


We allocated four of our regular practice evenings to in-club races in which everyone stayed for both hours and races about 4 times. These races prepared skaters for the formal OSSA-sanctioned Regional series provincial race meets, as well as parents in the roles and tasks of race officials. The help provided by parent volunteers was essential and much appreciated.

The first in-club race evening took place on Tuesday October 16 2012, and the last date was Friday February 22 2013.

Click on the appropriate link in the following table to obtain the results.
Group 1: fastest; >15 years.
Group 2: fast 11 - 15 years.
Group B: fastest 6 - 11 years.
Group A: fast 6 - 11 years.

October 16 November 16 January 15 February 22
Group 1 Times Group 1 Times Group 1 Times
Group 1 Rank Group 1 Rank Group 1 Rank
Group 1 Speeds Group 1 Speeds Group 1 Speeds
Group 2 Times Group 2 Times Group 2 Times
Group 2 Rank Group 2 Rank Group 2 Rank
Group 2 Speeds Group 2 Speeds Group 2 Speeds
Group B Times Group B Times Group B Times
Group B Rank Group B Rank Group B Rank
Group B Speeds Group B Speeds Group B Speeds
Group A Times Group A Times Group A Times
Group A Rank Group A Rank Group A Rank
Group A Speeds Group A Speeds Group A Speeds

The ranks are based on the sum of the points earned by the finish order after the last of the rounds of each distance.
Look at the photographs that Parry Chow took on November 16 and on other occasions. Type 'skating' in the 'Private Album Password' box.


The Club held its first summer skating camp on Saturday and Sunday
August 11 and 12 2012 at the Centennial Community Centre in Markham.
Peewees, Bantams, Midgets, and Juveniles from several clubs in Ontario
participated under the coaching leadership of Valerie Ing. Thanks, too, to
Ron Blackwell, Ginette Lamoureux, Heidi Beck, Jason Cochrane, and
Tina Papp for coaching. Participants engaged in skating, dryland, and
off-ice activities to provide a wide range of learning experiences.

On Saturday evening, a BBQ was held for the Club and the Camp participants. Markham MPP and Minister for Tourism, Culture, and Sport was a special guest.

On Sunday, participants were treated to the presence of Jordan Belchos,
national team member and Canadian champion in the 5km and 10km distances,
who assisted in several programs.

Other photographs were published in the September 2012 issue of Snap Markham .


Most skaters participate in other organized sports and otherwise stay
active during the non-skating season. Some have also raised money
for charities by participating in major fund-raising events, as shown in
these photographs.

Heidi Beck & Claire Liew
at the Run For Women.
Claire also met her inspiration,
Catriona LeMay Doan - again!

Riders and supporters of the Ride For Heart event.


Intact Insurance, a major sponsor of the national speed skating teams, has awarded the Club $1000 from their Podium Tracker program as a result of the gold medal won by Christine Nesbitt at the World Sprint Championships in Calgary in February 2012. This is the second such prize in as many years: see the story below about the first award. The Club is very grateful for the support provided by Intact to clubs across the country from this program.

Photo: Christine Nesbitt with Club president Roger Buxton at the Speed Skating Canada Annual General Meeting in June 2012 where she received the Catriona Le May Doan Female Long Track Skater of the Year award for the second year in a row. In the 2011-2012 season, she captured eleven medals on the World Cup circuit and another eight at World Championships. She was the World Champion and World Cup Champion in the 1,000 metres, World Champion and World Cup Champion in the 1,500 metres, the first-ever ladies Grand World Cup Champion and world record holder in the 1,000 metres. She also won the gold medal in the 1,000 metres at the Vancouver Olympic games in 2010. She skated short track with the London (Ontario) club in her earlier years before moving to Calgary to skate long track. She qualified for the national team in 2004-05.


Several members of the Club participated in the Days on Skates events hosted by
Intact Insurance and Speed Skating Canada at Toronto's Harbourfront ice rink on
Sat/Sun Feb. 11/12 2012 with multiple Olympic medalists Catriona LeMay Doan and
Kristina Groves as special guests.

Skaters from several Toronto-area clubs demonstrated for the public
and assisted newcomers in trying speed skating in brisk outdoor conditions.

Catriona LeMay Doan (in red) joins                               Kristina Groves (right) joins
(l to r) Jamie Atherton, Heidi Beck, and Tim Beck.        Tim and Heidi Beck, Claire and Justin Liew.

Breanna Chapman and Callista Bennett         Jaya Dickson leads with Claire Liew 3rd.


The Club participated in the opening ceremonies of the new outdoor refrigerated
skating rink at the Markham Civic Centre on December 10, 2011, by giving a demon-
stration of a relay race. To keep the event manageable and within the time constraint,
it was limited to two teams of three skaters each who skated twelve laps with
reduced straight-line lengths. They braved the sub-zero temperature and brisk
wind and skated well in front of an audience of several hundred spectators.

Tim Beck (green 5) exchanges with Claire DesRosiers (green 7) while Connor McPherson (wearing
black) prepares to exchange with Jamie Atherton (red 6).

A snippet of the relay race is shown in the video of the opening activities,
starting at 3:22.

Relay skaters with Olympic figure
skating medalist Steven Cousins

Thanks to Heidi Beck, Tim Beck, Claire DesRosiers, and Jamie Atherton, plus visitors Alexis Halushak and Connor McPherson, for the flawless demonstation, and to Ron Blackwell, Gary Witney, and Ingrid Beck for assistance.


The Club hosted the 5th. Silver ability race meet santioned by the Ontario Speed Skating Association on Saturday December 3 2011 at the Angus Glen Community Centre in Markham. It was a very successful event thanks to all the hard work by many volunteers and for the generosity of many parents and sponsors.

Our 23 skaters did well, winning seven medals and many, many PBs.
Congratulations! To see all the results, click here.

Photographs taken by Parry Chow are available on-line.

Several other photographs are printed in the January 2012 issue of Snap Markham and can also be seen on-line.

A photograph of Tim Beck (helmet #666) appears on the front page of the December 9th. issue of the Markham Economist and Sun newspaper. It and other photographs can be seen in a slide show with sound: click on the photograph of the Newmarket Jets skater (Sarah Mulcahy) to start the show.

The cradle class skaters were surprised when Santa Claus stepped onto the ice and presented them with gift bags following their races.

Click the play button below to watch the report by Rogers TV First Local Sports on the first such race meet the Club hosted in December 2009.


RogersTV broadcasted a story about our Club during the week of October 3-8 2011. Watch and listen how two families learn to speed skate together.


As a result of Charles Hamelin winning the gold medal in the 1000m event of the short track World Cup race meet in Quebec City in December 2010, Intact Insurance, a sponsor of the national speed skating teams, held a random draw and our club was selected to win a $1000 cash prize from their Podium Tracker program .

Dave Lough of Intact presented the Club with a symbolic cheque in a ceremony on September 16 2011 during a practice session.

This welcome bonanza is being directed to training four new coaches to support the development of our skaters.

These photographs, taken by Parry Chow, also appear in the October 2011 issue of SNAP Markham, which is available free at the arena and at many public other public places.

Preliminary award ceremonies took place during the Canada East Championships in March 2011 (see story on right). In the photograph, Club president Roger Buxton shares a gold medal with three members of Canada's Vancouver Olympics' gold medal short track relay team:
(left) Francois-Louis Tremblay; (centre) Francois Hamelin; and (right) Guillaume Bastille.


The coaches will assign beginning skaters and those with some
experience to the 7-8 p.m. hour and the more experienced and
skillful ones to the 8-9 p.m. hour. The skating programs are
created accordingly.

Skating programs will be a blend of Race Ready! created by
Dave Morrison, one of Ontario's best coaches, for our faster skaters
with new programs incorporating the Long Term Athlete Development principles
for all skaters.

Competitive skaters are expected to conduct warmups in the arena for half an hour
before our ice times, so ensure you arrive in time to take advantage of them.

However, one, two, or even three hours on the ice each week are insufficient
to optimize the skills, strength, and stamina you need to race well, so take
the time to keep fit off the ice. Any way that keeps you fit, strong, and agile
is desirable. One excellent way is to participate in our weekly Winter
Dryland Training
. Or, use our Fit To Skate program indoors, either by yourself
or as a group.

Coaches can advise you on other clubs in the GTA which allow visitors to train with them. Newmarket, Brampton, Toronto, Clarington, Oshawa, and Clarington are the most commonly-used opportunities.


Ron Blackwell is our Head Coach and organizes the coaching program
and coaches' schedule.

Ron is assisted by Callista Bennett, Heidi Beck, Jason Cochrane, and Tina Papp.
Former Canadian Olympic skater Valerie Ing will assist on some Friday sessions
this season too.


Any skater who would like a Markham skinsuit should take their
measurements according to the diagram and contact the Club.
The more who order at one time, the lower the price.


The Club held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday May 31 2012.


On Friday January 22 2010, Rogers TV recorded material
during our Club's sessions for a segment for the York Region
Living channel of Rogers TV. It was broadcast on Cable 10 & 63
during the week of February 14 2010. Click on the 'Play' button
below to watch it.





Speed Skating Canada has a good overview of the required safety equipment. Here is a link to it from their website. Note that some items of equipment are needed only for racing, but most applies to anyone.

This can also be seen in full on the SSC website.


Congratulations to coach Iain McCallum for placing in the top ten of his age class at the World Masters Short Track Speed Skating Competition held on April 6-7 in the USA!
A good example to all our younger skaters.

Several skaters and their families participated in major charity fund-raising events.

        Riders and supporters of the Becel Ride For Heart                     Participants in the Runway Run

Good for the supported causes; good for the participants' fitness; good for the sense of community amongst the families. Well done all.


The 2012-2013 Ontario racing season began in mid-October. Club members made their mark from the outset and have progressed from there:
  • Seven of our skaters participated in The Ontario Western Regional #1 meet in London on October 13-14, with all setting personal best times, and one won a silver medal.
  • Seventeen skaters raced at the Central Regional #1 meet in Clarington on October 20, of whom four won medals and all set PBs.
  • Eleven skaters entered the Western Regional #2 meet in Brampton on November 10 following a last-minute opportunity to enter, of whom four won medals.
  • A record 34 skaters entered the Central Regional #2 meet which the Club hosted on December 1.
  • Five skaters were invited to compete in the Regional Qualifier meet in Newmarket on December 22, of whom one was selected to move up to the Provincial racing series.
  • Twenty-two skaters competed at the Central Regional #3 meet in Toronto on January 27, of whom almost a third won medals.
  • Fourteen skaters competed at the Central Regional #4 meet in Barrie on February 16, of whom three won medals and four had PBs in all three distances.
  • Seven skaters competed in the Provincial C Championships in Oakville on March 2 - 3, of whom one won a silver medal and two broke the 60s mark for 500m.
  • In the last race meet of the season, five skaters competed in the Provincial B Championships and one in the Masters Championships in Clarington on March 9-10, of whom one won a bronze medal.
Under the new eligibility rules which came into effect this season, our contingent in the Provincial Series consists of:
  • Heidi Beck (Open Women)
  • Callista Bennett (Open Women)
  • Noah Chow (Boys 13), selected following the Qualifying meet on December 22.
Both women competed in the Open Women's division at the Provincial A #1 meet in Cambridge on November 3-4 and Provincial A #2 meet in Gloucester on November 24-25.
All three competed in Provincial A #3 in Clarington on January 12-13 and at Provincial A #4 in Cambridge on February 9, setting PBs in the process.
All three also competed in the Provincial A Championships in Waterloo on February 23-24 at which Heidi Beck won bronze medals for her individual overall result and her relay team. She and Noah Chow set PBs in two distances.

Heidi Beck, Noah Chow, and Callista Bennett in the opening ceremonies of the Provincial A Championships.

Here is a list of the 30 individual medals (equalling the Club record!) won in Ontario races in the 2012-2013 season:

  • Jaya Dickson at Central Regional #1
  • Hanna Simao at Central Regional #2
  • Sasha Butterworth at Central Regional #3.
  • Tim Beck at Central Regional #2
  • Tim Beck at Central Regional #4
  • Tim Beck at Provincial B Championships
  • Aiden Esguerra at Central Regional #2
  • Bennett Lai at Central Regional #3
  • Justin Liew at Western Regional #1
  • Krisztina Papp at Central Regional #4
  • Eugene Wong at Central Regional #1
  • Eugene Wong at Western Regional #2
  • Eugene Wong at Central Regional #2
  • Eugene Wong at Central Regional #3
  • Eugene Wong at Provincial C Championships.
  • Daniel Asadi at Central Regional #2
  • Heidi Beck at the Provincial A Championships
  • Tim Beck at Central Regional #1
  • Tim Beck at Central Regional #3
  • Sasha Butterworth at Central Regional #4
  • Noah Chow at Central Regional #1
  • Aden Chow at Western Regional #2
  • Bennett Lai at Western Regional #2
  • Krisztina Papp at Central Regional #2
  • Krisztina Papp at Central Regional #3
  • Colin Plummer at Central Regional #2
  • Colin Plummer at Central Regional #3
  • Malcolm Rose-Harriott at Western Regional #2
  • Mark Simao at Central Regional #3
  • Joshua Yang at Central Regional #2
These skaters made their debut in sub-clubs for 500m:
  • sub 50s : Tim Beck
  • sub 55s : Heidi Beck
                    Zubin Sethna
  • sub 60s : Noah Chow
                    Malcolm Rose-Harriot
                    Jaya Dickson
                    Bennett Lai
                    Eugene Wong.
Well done all !


Look at the photographs that Parry Chow took at several meets this season. Type 'skating' in the 'Private Album Password' box and select the desired meet from the 'Albums and Stories' list on the left.

  • Chantal Singer won a silver medal in the Junior Women category at the Canadian Waterski Championships in the summer of 2012. In September, she won gold and silver medals in the Under-17 Women's events at the Pan American Waterski Championships. She competed on the Canadian Junior Women's Team at the World Junior Water Ski Championships in Mulwala, Australia, in February 2013 and won a team bronze medal.
  • Nima Rahnema competed in the Canadian Junior Men's WuShu team at the World Junior Championships in Macau, China, on September 17, 2012, and won a bronze medal.
  • Jocelyn Bérard was featured in the Small Business supplement of the Globe & Mail on October 17, 2012.
Congratulations! This explains why they are not always on the ice.


Claire Liew was busy during the summer of 2011, training not only for speed skating but also for runs to raise funds for breast cancer research. Intrigued to see that Catriona LeMay Doan was doing the same thing, Claire decided to contact her, and in no time she became quite a media celebrity in September 2011. To see how, play this video below.

Much to her delight, Claire was able to meet in person not only Catriona (l) but also another idol, 4-time Olympic medalist Kristina Groves (r), a few months later at the Intact Days on Skates event (see left column).


Jordan Belchos completed his fifth international senior season in 2012-2013 on the national long track team, and was featured in Speed Skating Canada's In The Spotlight in February.

He is a long distance specialist, and is the Canadian Champion in the 10,000 metre distance, a title he had held for three consecutive years. He has been Canadian Champion in the 5,000 m distance too, and is currently second. He competed in six World Cup competitions in this past season, most in Europe and Russia, with a final ranking of 16th. in the world in the 5000/10000 m and set personal best times in four of five distances.

He reached this height by winning a place in 2006 in the pre-2010 Olympics Own The Podium program and moved to Calgary to train in long track speed skating at the Olympic Oval, having already had an illustrious career in international Junior level in-line skating. He transitioned from wheels to blades very quickly, and set the Canadian Junior 3,000 m record in 2008. He qualified for the national long track Development Team in 2009 and thence to the World Cup team. We hope to see him race at the Olympics this coming February.

He received a new Markham Spirit Award medal from Mayor Frank Scarpitti and the Markham Sport Council (in absentio) during an Athlete Recognition Ceremony at the end of November 2009.


Alex Ianculescu has recently qualified for the 2018 Talent Squad, a group of skaters being groomed for the Olympic Winter Games in 2018. She also moved to Calgary to train in long track speed skating on the Olympic Oval, and has lived, studied, and worked there for a few years.
In the 2009-2010 season, she was selected to be a forerunner at the Vancouver Olympics in February 2010 (see the photograph on our home page). In that role, she skated for TV and commentary timing purposes just prior to the races, and was a track steward during the actual races. What experience! More recently, she was also a forerunner at the World Sprint Championships in February 2012.
In the 2010-2011 season, she won all the races in the Ontario team trials for the Canada Winter Games, and competed for Ontario in those games in Halifax in February 2011 (photo on right). She then raced in the Canadian Junior Championships and won a place on the Canadian Junior team, and raced at the World Junior Championships in Finland. She also won a silver medal at the North American Championships and raced in the World Junior Cup in The Netherlands. She finished the season with 4 PBs in five races at Canada Cup #4.

2011-2012 marks her first season in the senior category, and she finished in the middle of the pack in the 500m and 1,000m distances at the recent 2012 Canadian Single Distance Championships, setting a PB in the 500m in the process.

See her express her Olympic goal during the Rogers TV clip in the Publicity paragraph on our summer dryland page. For a lot more about her, visit her website .

She offers some really important advice in her blog on Wednesday May 25 2011:
"Did a long warm up which is essential to the things we do because we work so many muscles and if they are not warmed up they can be injured. Most common speed skater injury is a groin pull. Those happen on ice most of the time but can easily happen if you don’t stretch properly. Last year I would always show up to practice on time and wish I had a longer time to stretch and not rush through things. I’d run, do my stretching, do a few sets of imitations, stretch again and then hit the ice. So towards the end of the year I started showing up early and making time for all that, and I did see a difference in my skating."


Benjamin Ahn (left) and Cameron Mitchell (right) competed for Team Ontario at Speed Skating Canada's Canada East Age Class Short Track Championships which were held in Toronto on March 26 & 27, 2011. Ben was in the Boys 13 division and Cameron was in the Boys 14 division. They earned their positions on the team from their results in the Ontario Cup race series during the winter season and from the Ontario Championships on March 5-6. It was Cameron's third time at an annual national competition, but it was Ben's first, and at the end of his first season of racing no less!

Prior to the competition, RogersTV compiled a story about Cameron and Ben, and broadcasted it during the weekend of the competition in their 'York Region This Week' show. Click on the play button above to watch it.

This was the first national meet under the new age classes and race formats introduced by SSC to conform with their implementation of the Long Term Athlete Development plan, and the skaters (and officials) adapted remarkably well and quickly given their very limited experience with the new format.

Cameron Mitchell had the honour of being the flag bearer for Ontario and took the oath for all the athletes at the opening ceremonies. He was also prominently featured in the photograph accompanying an article about the Championships published on page S7 of the sports section of the Toronto Star on Sunday March 27. He had a moment of gold too - with Guillaume Bastille and his Olympic gold medal earned in the short track relay in Vancouver last year.

Skaters from Quebec were numerous and very strong, as expected, but skaters from Ontario and the other provinces gave them determined competition - and everyone was fast!

  Cameron Mitchell leads three Quebecois.                 Ben Ahn leads Ontario and New Brunswick.

Overall, Cameron finished fifth (and the top Ontarian) and Ben twelfth in their age classes.

You can watch videos of many of the races on-line. Do it: it's instructive!


Andrew Godbout, who was formerly our Club's Head Coach, appeared in an article about Olympic technology in the December 20 2009 issue of Macleans magazine. He also won a Own The Podium position and moved to Calgary at the same time as Jordan Belchos, to also train in long track speed skating at the Olympic Oval in Calgary. He too was on Canadian World Cup teams.

Photo by Macleans

The photograph show him wearing in-line skates while training on a giant treadmill surrounded by mirrors and TV cameras which allows him, and his coaches, to carefully watch his movements at speeds up to 60 km/hr to permit refinements in technique.

Andrew (below left) was also interviewed by CBC radio's Metro Morning program's host Andy Barrie (below right) on November 25 2009 about his journey from a recreational skater in Markham to vying for the Olympic team. Click the Play button below (centre) to hear their conversation (6˝ minutes).


A police speed gun was used to measure some skaters' speeds
during a practice in January 2010. Here's how they fared,
subject to tolerances.

Cameron Mitchell 33 km/hr
Jonathan Nishio 33
Heidi Beck 30
Kyle Graham 30
Zubin Sethna 30
Peal Ge 29
Vincent Ho 28
Nima Rahnema 28
Claire DesRosiers 28
Scott Taylor 28
Breanna Chapman 26
Rasa Rahnema 26
Not surprisingly, these values pretty well reflect race results.


Kyle Graham was featured in a news story on GlobalTV on February 20 2009. He joined the Club in the Learn To Speed Skate program in November 2008 and has made rapid progress, winning his division in his first competition in January 2009. This feat caught the attention of the GlobalTV sports desk, so they chose to do a story on him. Click twice on the 'play' arrow below to watch it.

Markham Speed Skating Club