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An Introduction to Safety Apparel


Competitive skaters should bring and wear the following items.
For First-Time speed skaters, and those learning, the full complement of equipment is not necessary. Refer to the notes about "Learn to Speed Skate" program requirements.
We have a limited quantity of equipment available to lend, but purchasing your own is recommended if you intend to continue.

  • Comfortable but snug clothes with full length sleeves and legs, such as a sweat suit with a T-shirt underneath. Bare skin should not show (except the face). Baggy pants are not suitable. Parkas or other winter outerwear are not necessary on the ice.

  • See Below for safety equipment as recommended by Speed Skating Canada. This applies up to top-level racing; beginners and others may not require all items .

    If you have more questions regarding what you need, please contact us and inquire or ask a coach.
    We want to help you get started easily and safely.

    Markham Speed Skating Club