About the Club


The Markham Speed Skating Club welcomes people
of all ages, skills and skating objectives.

Skating membership numbers about 80 and is roughly divided into two-thirds
children (5 years to 18) and one-third adults. We also have regular
visitors from other nearby clubs. Many members race at provincial
competitions while others enjoy the challenge of Club activities.

We provide coaching for beginners to racers, whether children,
youth,  or adults. You can progress at your own rate to suit your
interests as they evolve.

Most members have had previous hockey or figure skating
experience when they join, but it is not necessary. Regardless of
your experience, you will find it takes time to adapt to speed skates,
to cope with high speeds, and to learn racing strategies.

Girls and boys of different ages train together and often race
together to ensure equal opportunity. Improvements in personal
best times in races are as important as winning or finishing position.
This is consistent with the Long Term Athlete Development Model created
by Sport Canada and adopted and adapted by Speed Skating Canada for
use by clubs across the country.



The Club is a member of the Ontario Speed Skating Association and the
Markham Sport Council.

The Club has received two grants from the Ontario Trillium Foundation in
recent years:

  • mats and skates were acquired, and an increased presence in the
    community was achieved with the first grant
  • a program called FROM THE START was conducted with the second
    grant to introduce almost 900 elementary school children in Markham
    to speed skating.
    The Fit To Skate exercise program to satisfy elementary schools'
    Daily Physical Activity requirement was also developed.

As a result of these grants, membership is considerably higher than before,
and skating and racing standards have increased significantly,

The Club operates from mid-September to late March each year,
coinciding with the competitive racing season.

We train on Tuesday and Friday evenings at the Mount Joy Community Centre
Arena in Markham on 16th. Ave. (north of Hiway 7; south of Major Mackenzie:
east of Hiway 48).  
See the map and Current News pages.

If you are interested in trying to speed skate, please contact the Club.
We will provide the speed skates , but please wear snug
clothes and bring a helmet (e.g. bicycle, or hockey) and gloves.
Further information is available on our Newcomers page.

Speed skating is great fun for all ages and provides excitement for spectators too!
We are sure you will want to continue!

Why a Competitive Racing Program is Important

Winning isnít everything, but being able to win is.

Not everyone in this world has the opportunity to compete in a friendly, controlled, disciplined environment of a sport, but those who are fortunate enough to do so know the joy of competing with the knowledge that even if you might not win the race, you are at least "in the hunt." It is one thing to go out and "skate", but it is another thing to go out and "compete". Competition provides valuable and essential learning experiences that recreation never can. Children need opportunities to gain lessons from competition, for they will need to use the knowledge for all their lives.

Winning skaters expect to win every time they compete, which means they believe in themselves, and have good reason for that belief. They have trained and prepared themselves both physically and mentally, and are willing to put themselves to the test. The self-confidence they gain in that preparation, and the emotional rewards that come with success or in the overcoming of disappointments are essential components of growing up and maturing. A lot of life involves character and leadership that is not learnt in the classroom, but rather in a competitive sports environment. The rules of speed skating ensure that competitions are safe, fun, and fair to provide the right environment for that personal growth.

Those skaters who don
ít have the enjoyment of being able to compete can still enjoy being on the ice, but they cannot experience that special feeling that comes with crossing the finish line ahead of everybody else. It is noble to be a good loser, but it is more fulfilling to be a good winner. It is those intense and rewarding winning moments that we want to ensure that our skaters will experience and treasure.

The pursuit of excellence is the real goal, but it requires the participation and cooperation of not only the competitors but also of parents, coaches, officials, and other volunteers. All can gain pleasure from the resulting accomplishments, so please do your part. It is the stuff of the good life.

Skaters who are preparing for their first race meet should download and read
our booklet "Advice to Skaters at Their First Race Meet" to learn what happens
during an Ontario race meet.

For further information, CONTACT US


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The Town of Markham presented the Markham Speed Skating Club with a recognition of 10 years of service excellence, promoting sport, in 2008.

Markham Speed Skating Club