What you will need

Invoices will be printed with two copies
You will have a few helmet covers for people who forgot them
Writing materials - (i.e. paper and pens)
Know who is the Chief Recorder and where they can be located
Race schedules (after the recorder has them done)
 Change room assignment sheets Badges for officials from OSSA


When you will be needed

It can be a bit crazy busy for one person.
You start at 7:00am but by 9 am you are done for the day at that station. 



  • A table is set up for you at the top of the stairs in the hall
  • Afterwards that table is then moved into the arena area to have the girls go fast registrations



Coach Registration

  • Invoices - Mark one paid for the club and give the other to the coach
  • if a coach tells you of a skater that will not be participating recorded that and give that information to the chief recorder. We do not give refunds at this point. 
  • Record who borrows helmet covers
  • Usually one person checks in the clubs, one person checks in the volunteers.



  • Volunteers sign out in the kitchen at the end of the day and that is where they get their forms signed. 

Other notes