Hi Here's a list of all the fantastic people who have volunteered to help out during the day of race.

If you see a position that still has not yet been filled that you would like to volunteer for, click the 'Sign Up' button to let us know.

Race Day Volunteers


Contact Info


Meet Coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Co-ordinates all aspects of the met
Chief Referee Jackie Shoebridge  
Assistant Ref #1 Sandra Howell
  • watch over a certain part of the race, or a certain part of the track, as requested by the Referee
  • must be relatively fit and be prepared to skate with most of the races
Assistant Ref #2 James Simpson 
Announcer Ariz Lalani Runs the PA system to provide announcements during the meet as well as commentator on the actual races. An announcer guide is available in the OSSA Library
Chief Starter Simon Baker  Level 2 Certification recommended
Assistant Starter  
  • Whistle or flag false starts
  • Be prepared to skate on ice for the duration of the meet.
Chief Timer Nick Beck Level 2 Certification recommended
Timing Recorder Areg Dadashyan Record times from the timers for delivery to the race recorders. No certification or experience necessary. Clipboard and pencils will be provided.
Timer 1 Robert Baron
  • Time skaters from each heat.
  • No certification or experience required.
  • Stop watches will be provided.
Timer 2 Meryl Nelson 
Timer 3 John Ing
Timer 4 Tianna Tae
Timer 5
Timer 6
Timer 7
Timer 8
Chief Place Judge Kate Lee  
Place Judge #1 Chantel Truscott 
  • Record racers for each position for all heats
  • No certification or experience required
  • Necessary equipment will be provided
Place Judge #2 Akshay Pithwa
Place Judge #3 Mike Boomhour
Place Judge #4
Place Judge #5
Chief Recorder Ingrid Beck Level 2 Certification recommended
Recorder Assistant Sabrina Casciato  
Recorder Admin Support Friend of Chantal /Nichole Lindegger 
  • Update and Post Wall charts
Lap Recorder #1 Anneke Krammar 
  • inform the skaters (and officials) of the number of laps left to be skated in a race
  • ring the bell for the last lap
Lap Recorder #2 Julie Kong 
Runner #1 Liam Baron guard runner /Vanessa I (pm)
  • Run placement sheets between recording office and trackside placement judges
  • Run timer sheets between recording office and trackside timer judges.
Runner #2 Jack Van Den Berg exit gate 
Runner #3 Aiden Esguerra  guard runner /Owen Duffy guard runner (pm)
Runner #4 Simon Whittaker entry gate keeper
Clerk of the Course Auntie Sly  
Clerk Assistant #1 Carole Moore
  • must make sure that the skaters are ready for their upcoming races
Clerk Assistant #2 Kristina Butterworth
Lead Track Steward Tim Howell
  • Replacing missing blocks on the corners and other duties as directed by the Referee.
  • Must be on skates, preferably speed skates and be a competent skater and should also wear a helmet
Track Steward #1 Sasha Butterworth
Track Steward #2 Tyler McGillan
Track Steward #3 Kairo Tae /Andria S (pm)
Track Steward #4 Frank G /Mathew I (pm ) 
Track Steward #5 Stephen Lee
Medical Personnel Filled  
Medic #1 Filled  
Medic #2 Filled  
Medic #3 Filled  
Water Crew Lead Amin Lalani  
Water Helper #1 Paul Truscott   
Water Helper #2  
Water Helper #3  
Check-in Desk - Helper #1 Aurore Sutton
  • Handle registrations between ~7:00 and 9:00am.
  • More Details
Check-in Desk - Helper #2 Tara Truscott
Food Lead Salena Barnes  
Food Helper #1 Thanuja  
Food Helper #2 Helena   
Food Helper #3 Lauren Nelson  
Food Helper #4 May  
Silent Auction Table

Peter Vandenberg
Matt Vandenberg

Monitor the silent auction goods and table. Collect Girls Go Fast registrations