The Olympics are coming!

The Winter Olympics are coming to Canada again!!

The Winter Olympics are coming to Vancouver in 2010!!!

Is this relevant? Is this important?


Canada is a winter country, so we naturally specialize in winter sports.

See what Ed Robertson of the iconic Canadian band The Barenaked Ladies has to say about it.

To put their money where their mouth is, the band contributed a portion of their Blam concert tour ticket sales
to the 'Own The Podium - 2010' program to support athletes training for the Games - along with many
other corporate sponsors.

Speed skating is a major component of the Olympic Winter Games, and speed skaters
have dominated Canadian results in the past decade.

Speed skaters have won half of all Canadian medals in each of the past three
Winter Olympics
, and have earned far more medals than any other sport.

The list of individual accomplishments is very long, and includes:
  • the most medals at one Games [5 - Cindy Klassen in 2006]
  • the most medals by any Canadian [6 - Cindy Klassen]
  • the previous most medals [5 - Marc Gagnon]
  • the only back-to-back gold medals in an individual event [Catriona LeMay Doan].
Recently, two Canadian men broke the world records in the short track 500m and 1000m distances
- and they haven't even qualified for the national team!

Canadians are therefore very good at speed skating, both long track and short track,
so we wish our current athletes the best success in winning more medals in Vancouver.
We also want young athletes to aspire to follow the present champions' lead by doing
their very best all the time.

In the meantime, follow the events during the next couple of years leading up to the Olympics in February 2010 by visiting the following websites :
Markham Speed Skating Club