FIT TO SKATE

Fit To Skate is a resource kit for elementary school teachers which contains exercises
for children to perform in school for their Daily Vigorous Physical Activity (DVPA).

DVPA is now mandatory in several jurisdictions.
The exercises may also be used in other physical education programs.

The kit consists of a booklet and a DVD which describe, illustrate, and demonstrate
17 individual exercises and their combination into routines. Teachers may create their
own program from these examples depending on the location, duration, and variety
of the DVPA wanted to suit their class and circumstances.


Look at the video on the right to get an idea of what's on the DVD.

As the name Fit To Skate implies, the exercises are suited to developing skating skills
and strength. Although the exercises are drawn from speed skating on ice, they apply equally
well to hockey and figure skating on ice as well as to all their counterpart activities on skates
with wheels. Furthermore, children who don't skate at all will benefit from developing balance,
coordination, strength, and cardiovascular functions from participating in these exercises.
Fit To Skate, therefore, has wide applicability.

These exercises expose children to skating motions and fitness programs which will
benefit them whether they skate or not. Skating provides all participants with a combination
of healthy physical activity, competition, and social interaction throughout their lives.

     And after all, what could be more Canadian than skating!!

A program based on skating clearly has a place in DVPA.

Fit To Skate also contains information on the value and benefit of dryland skating activity, and
about speed skating to ensure that children can learn about the sport and know how to get started.

All elementary schools should have a copy of Fit To Skate.

Fit To Skate was prepared by the Markham Speed Skating Club and Alleycat Productions
with the financial support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Copies may be obtained for $24 Cdn (taxes included) plus $3.50 for shipping by mail .

Contact the Club.

Markham Speed Skating Club

Markham Speed Skating Club