New Procedure Information

Please note that the procedures and guidelines may change and we are required to follow provincial direction, City of Markham procedures and OSSA protocol.

  • Each group will have a scheduled arrival time.  The group will be screened, brought into the arena, and the doors will be locked (late arrivals will not be admitted).  Entrance time is 15 minutes before ice time.
  • Skaters dress at home, and enter the arena ready to skate or ready to put on skates rink-side
  • Changerooms are closed except for washroom use
  • Families/spectators do not enter the facility
  • Mat setup/take-down volunteers enter to complete that task and then leave the facility
  • Number of skaters on the ice (including coaches and volunteers) is limited to 20
  • Skaters will wear masks at all times when inside

Mask Tips from September sessions:

  • Cloth masks worked better (on the ice) than disposable masks (the elastics stretched out and fell off ears).  Try out a few with your skater to see what is comfortable when they are moving.  A buff (also called a neck gaiter) is also an acceptable option.
  • Goggles may fog up on the ice when wearing masks.  There are lots of suggestions online from doctors and medical professionals who wear glasses and masks to keep your goggles clear.

Some options are:

  • anti-fog spray or wipes
  • wash your glasses in soap and water. Air-drying after washing can prevent fogging because it leaves a protective film on the lenses.
  • medical taping mask to the bridge of the nose
  • choosing a mask with a nose wire that fits snugly at the nose

Rental Skates

Returning Skaters who need to exchange their rental skates will need to book a time to meet at Mount Joy for fitting.  After registering, a form will be sent to book appointments.

If you do not plan to return at this time, please arrange to drop off your skates by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

COVID 19 Guidelines

Families, we need all our skaters to follow Public Health guidelines in order for us all to be safe.  
Here are some links to York Region or Ontario public health recommendations to reduce transmission risk. 

Remember - all skaters need to be screened before they enter city facilities.  If your skater or someone in the household is experiencing symptoms, do not attend practice.  

Hand Hygiene

Physical Distancing

When and How to wear a mask

COVID-19 and Children

How to Self-Monitor

How to Self-Isolate